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A Plea To Check Out The Next Manga By Criminally Underrated Satoshi Mizukami

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37 Seconds, Happy Hour, and Why Japanese Cinema Matters – Your Japanese Film Insight #1

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ZIPMAN!! Chapter 1 Comes Out Swinging – Your Manga Week #9

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Gainax Director Arrested Under Allegations of Innapropriate Conduct Towards Voice Actress

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SKYTOPIA Impresses With Latest ‘ie ep’ EP Released Today

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PlayStation Japan Faces Backlash Following Alleged Animation Tracing in Latest CM

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Shunkan Jump: New App Secures the Future By Blasting Back to the Past

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Case File nº221: Kabukicho Episode 8 Impressions: (Jack the) Ripping Up the Script

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Meet Yonagi Kei: JVC’s Newest Brand Ambassador

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