August 2021

PUNK DRUNKERS Previews 2022 Spring Collection

fashion Eddie Lehecka

Toshihiro Nagoshi, Creator of the Yakuza Game Franchise, has Left SEGA

games Eddie Lehecka

7 Must-Watch Sports Comedy Anime Series

anime James Fujita

A Different Kind Of Anisong Party – Interview with HOME, SWEET HOME and Kappo DISCO DAIZO

music Eddie Lehecka

Look Both Ways: The Tragic History of Truck-kun From Astro Boy to Zombieland Saga

anime William Moo

School Romance and Nostalgia in Studio Ghibli’s Ocean Waves

anime William Moo

7 Girls Sports Anime Series Worth Watching

anime James Fujita

Introducing… Mamoru Oshii – Know The Creators #18

anime Chris Cimi

Voice Actor Announced for Yuta Okkotsu in Jujutsu Kaisen 0

anime Corey Prasek

The Essential Guide to Danganronpa

anime William Moo

Tales of Arise Releases ‘The Spirit of Adventure’ Trailer

games Corey Prasek

Shit, Piss, and Yokai: Inside the Influences of the Guro God, Shintaro Kago

manga Jacob Parker-Dalton

5 Underappreciated City Pop Records for Summer Vibing

music Chris Cimi

Why You Should Watch Kiniro Mosaic: The Cross-Country Slice-of-Life – OTAQUEST Selects #48

anime Alicia Haddick

‘Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water’ to Release in October for All Platforms

games Corey Prasek

The Forgotten Kaiju Trilogy: Daimajin – Your Japanese Film Insight #29

other Alicia Haddick

MacrossΔ Zettai LIVE!!!!! Song ‘Walcure Wa Akiramenai’ Teaser Released on YouTube

music Corey Prasek

Kyoto Animation’s ‘Munto’ Gets Blu-ray Box Release in December

anime Corey Prasek

Japanese Music Highlights for July 2021 – Presented by Make Believe Melodies

music Patrick St. Michel

Gundam Fan Club Members Get Special Amuro Ray G-Shock Release

fashion Corey Prasek

It’s Over 9000: What Makes a Good Power System in Shonen Manga?

manga Jacob Parker-Dalton

Their Dreamland: An Introduction to the Emerging Sound of Japanese HyperPop

music Patrick St. Michel
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