November 2020
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Jump Plus Digital Magazine Moves to Monthly Release: No Big Deal

manga /

Kimetsu no Yaiba Volume 23’s Initial Print Run Anticipates Rave Reception

manga /

Weekly Shonen Magazine Offers Free Masks for Resumed Manuscript Submissions

music /

Sega Announces Sonic the Hedgehog Throwback Collection Vol.3

games /

Konami Brings FLOOR INFECTION Back to DDR A20 Plus

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Sony Music and JYP Share NiziU Debut MV ‘Step and a step’

anime /

Sailor Moon Eternal Newspaper Features Interview, Manga Covers, Coloring Pages

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Sakamoto Days Chapter 1 Earns Its Place – Jump Time #52/53

fashion /

SuperGroupies to Release Metal Gear Accessories Inspired by Solid Snake

other /

Evangelion Vinyl From Milan Records Brings Together Fan Favorite Tracks

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