October '20 Our Motivations
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Jujutsu Kaisen Sales Top 10 Million, Proving Its Mainstream Success

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Naomi Kawase’s True Mothers Selected as Japan Representative for Oscar for Best International Feature Film

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Web Manga General Election Chooses ‘Days on Fes’ as 2020 Winner

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lain 2020 eXhibition Proves That Everyone Is Always Connected

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Tatsunoko Production, Mrs Green Apple Combine for Promotional Movie For XFLAG x Disney Anime Sports Mobile Game Star Smash

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Haikyu!! Gets Manuscript Exhibition to Celebrate Conclusion in December

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Square Enix Unveil Final Fantasy XVI Teaser Website Complete With Character and World Descriptions

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Suit Up, The Japan Travel Agency Releases Gundam Factory Yokohama Tours

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Mister Donut Teams Up With Pokémon for New Collaboration

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Get Into The Groove With AVEX’s “Best of Super Eurobeat 2020” 30th Anniversary Album

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