07thExpansion Won’t Be at This Year’s Summer Comiket

'Ciconia When They Cry' to Get Simultaneous Worldwide Release This Summer

If you follow any number of Japanese artists on social media, you’ve probably noticed at this point that many have them have put something along the lines of “あ 52-a” in their name. That’ll be their location code for this year’s Summer Comiket, which is taking place at the end of August. But don’t go looking at 07thExpansion for that code, as they recently announced that they won’t be taking part in this year’s doujinshi event.

The news came directly from circle leader Ryukishi07 via the official 07thExpansion Twitter account. In the above tweet, Ryukishi states that, while they won’t be participating in this year’s Summer Comiket, they are still aiming to release their upcoming Umineko no Naku Koro ni Saku and Ciconia When They Cry titles around then, just as was previously announced.

Missing a Comiket is rare for 07thExpansion, especially when they have new software coming out. Comiket is practically the birthplace of the circle’s success, with their debut title Higurashi no Naku Koro ni making a big splash at the doujinshi event all the way back in 2002, and Umineko being the highlight of each event during its four year release period.

Naturally, fans are curious as to the reason behind 07thExpansion’s Summer Comiket absence. Unfortunately, the circle has offered no further comment ever since the announcement.

It’s possible that the game simply won’t be ready in time for Summer Comiket this year, although it will be ready sometime after. Or, perhaps the big changes coming to Comiket this year have put 07thExpansion off from having a big presence at the event as they usually do.

Nevertheless, 07thExpansion don’t exactly have much leeway on the release of the new When They Cry game, Ciconia no Naku Koro ni. They’ve already committed themselves to a simultaneous worldwide release in cooperation with MangaGamer and Witch Hunt sometime around Summer Comiket, after all. Let’s hope that 07thExpansion’s Summer Comiket absence is more down to scheduling issues than anything more serious, or we might be looking at yet another delay.

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