Voting for the 2020 Anime Awards Open Now, Ends January 22

Anime of the Year nominees for 2020 Anime Awards

It’s the beginning of a new year and that means it’s the perfect time to reflect on the anime of the old… Wait, what? Voting for Crunchyroll’s fifth annual Anime Awards is open now, with eighteen categories and countless different shows to choose from. Don’t forget that you can actually also vote once a day, meaning that you can and should mobilize to make sure that your favorite series and characters get properly recognized.

Battling it out for Anime of the Year in this year’s Anime Awards 2020 is an absolute legion of compelling shows: Appare-Ranman!, BEASTARS, Dorohedoro, GREAT PRETENDER, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Keep Your Hands off Eizouken!. Many of them we have discussed at length on this site, and much like previous years, this will undoubtedly be the most highly contended category.

There’s some fierce competition in the Best Opening Sequence section of the 2020 Anime Awards, too; even if defining what does and doesn’t make a good OP might be quite difficult. Not only do we have the technical and musical marvel that is ‘Kaikai Kitan’ by Eve for Jujutsu Kaisen, but also the stop-motion puppet dance sequence from BEASTARS (‘Wild Side’ by ALI) and the earworm of the year that was ‘Easy Breezy’ by chelmico for Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken. That’s not even the full list, mind, so there’s plenty more where that came from.

Best Boy nominees for 2020 Anime Awards

Best Girl nominees for 2020 Anime Awards

Even in the Best Boy and Best Girl categories, opinion might be divided. Khun Aguero Agnes and Abigail Jones from Tower of God and GREAT PRETENDER would be my choices for Best Boy and Girl personally, but that’s very much a matter of personal opinion. Perhaps you have a bit of a soft spot for tall girls and end up picking Kanamori from Eizouken, or reward athletic prowess and pick Hinata from Haikyu!! To The Top. The choice is all yours.

As mentioned, you can vote every day in this year’s Anime Awards 2020, so don’t hesitate to keep the homepage bookmarked through 22 January. Those with a Crunchyroll account will also receive a ‘special digital gift’ when voting ends via their email, which is intriguing. What could it possibly be? I have no idea, even though I participated in the judging!

Voting for the fifth annual Anime Awards is open now.

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