22/7: The Wall Breaking Idols

22/7: The Wall Breaking Idols

With so many idol animes out in the world, it can be hard to keep track of them all. Especially when certain idol animes involve zombies, Roman busts, and space travel. Other idol animes rooted in a more slice of life route have a lot to compete with in terms of gaining attention. 

However, this particular group has something special that sets it apart from other series. 

Virtual Idol Personas

The group’s name 22/7, when divided, equals pi, which goes on forever indicating that there are limitless possibilities for the group. 

This is shown by the fact that It is one of the first idol groups that incorporates the digital YouTuber feel. The members of the group all provide their voices and the motion captures in order for their persona to be rendered into a 3-D model that is used when they do certain projects. The human voice actresses do perform at the live shows instead of using their digital counterparts.

Prior to its anime adaptation, the group released nine one minute shorts that give the audience a glance into their everyday lives featuring the digital models on their youtube channel. They also have their own TV show, Calculating 22/7, where the digital idols interact with the real world. It currently has one complete season, and season two began airing in April 2020.

This show is available on their Japanese official website


There are 11 members of 22/7. However, they debuted as an 8 member group with the three missing members debuting at a later date. Each member has her own digital counterpart. 

Image via Seiyuu

VA: Nagomi Saijo DC: Miu Takigawa 

VA: Sally Amaki DC:Sakura Fujima

VA: Mizuha Kuraoka  DC: Miyako Kono

VA: Uta Kawase DC: Nicole Saito

Mei Hanakawa was Nicole’s original VA, but she graduated in 2019.

VA: Ruri Umino  DC:Jun Toda

VA: Kanae Shirosawa  DC:Akane Maruyama

VA: Chiharu Hokaze DC:Reika Sato

VA: Reina Miyase DC: Ayaka Tachikawa

The following three members are the ones who debuted later on. 

VA: Moe Suzuhana DC: Mikami Kamiki

VA: Urara Takatsuji DC:Yuki Tojo

VA: Aina Takeda DC:Tsubomi Hiiragi


The 22/7 anime was released in January 2020 and ended in March 2020. The anime follows the story of the 8 member group’s rise to popularity. While there are 11 members of the group now, the anime follows the group’s initial debut with 8 members. 

In this show, each of the girls are sent a letter saying that they would be debuting in an idol group through the GI Group. While some members are apprehensive, the members all join the group for different reasons. When they meet with an executive, they learn that they must obey the mysterious Wall. 

The Wall decides the direction of the group and what they will be doing for promotions. While the Wall’s orders are questioned by members who do not like it’s decisions, they follow its orders. 

The rest of the show is set up as a way to learn more about each character in every episode and learn about their struggles to make it in the idol industry and within themselves. 

At the end of the season, the Wall announces that they are going to add three new members to their group, hinting at a second season. However, nothing has been confirmed.  


Around the same time the anime aired, 22/7 +α was released on the Sunday Webry site. It was only 10 chapters, and it focused on the girls’ relationships with each other as they did their idol activities. The manga ended in March 2020. 


It comes to no surprise that an idol anime would have its own rhythm game in the works. 22/7 Music of Time, is due for release in Spring 2020. 

The game is set to follow the storyline of the anime, and the player will be able to help the girls reach stardom. The game also has a free play component where they can play through the groups’ discography. There are also cover songs the girls have done of popular songs such as: oath sign by Lisa; Shikisai by Maaya Sakamoto; and IGNITE by Eir Aoi. 

Where Can I Get More?!

If you’re interested in watching the anime, you can watch it on the following sites:

VRV, Funimation, and Crunchyroll

If you want to follow the group online, here are the group’s official Twitter, TikTok, and Youtube.

Each voice actress and her digital counterpart have their own twitter accounts as well.

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