2ToneDisco Team Up With Happy Kuru Kuru on ‘Napoleon’

The Japanese idol industry has long been viewed by international music producers as a vibrant space of opportunity, with the highly-energetic vocals of idol talent offering new forms of inspiration, especially in the new fields of internet-focused electronic production. We’ve seen a small number of Western talents actually bridge the worlds themselves; the latest to do so being Los Angeles-based electronic duo 2ToneDisco with their new single “Napoleon” alongside the incredible Tokyo-based idol duo Happy Kuru Kuru.


With “Napoleon,” 2ToneDisco steps away from the traditional structure of idol music, utilizing the vocals of Happy Kuru Kuru as a structural part of their signature sound. It’s a departure from the high-paced traditional structure of idol music, instead opting for something a little more slowed down and relaxed. As always, Happy Kuru Kuru absolutely own the track, utilizing their dynamic vocal range to bring a wave of energy to the listener, while 2ToneDisco’s production lays the groundwork to keep listeners moving. While the single dropped over the weekend, the releasing label Attack the Music has begun teasing an upcoming music video.

Those interested in checking out more of 2ToneDisco’s sounds can find them on both SoundCloud and Twitter. Additionally, those interested in hearing more from Happy Kuru Kuru can find them on both SoundCloud and Twitter.

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