4s4ki Teams Up With Itsuka From Charisma.com on ‘Maboroshi’

4s4ki Teams Up With Itsuka From Charisma.Com on 'Maboroshi'

Okay, technically we knew this song was coming. Last month, it was announced by 4s4ki along with the rest of the ‘NEMNEM’ EP with the release of her last single. Today, that EP dropped physically and onto digital streaming services and along with it came a video for ‘Maboroshi’ which features the one and only MC Itsuka. Or just Itsuka, now? Maybe with the reformation of Charisma.com, the MC’s been dropped now that she’s the only member of the group. Anyway, ‘Maboroshi’ blends by the books EDM, pop hooks, and bars from one of our favorite Japanese rappers.

The production on ‘Maboroshi’ as well as the rest of the ‘NEMNEM’ EP was handled by ANIMAL HACK who does a totally serviceable job on this track. I guess with dueling vocals, you wouldn’t want the instrumental to outshine the artists. The backing track alone is nothing to write home about but I do like that higher pitched synth line that comes in during the chorus. It’s the most playful part of the instrumental adding a needed pep to its step. The big kicks that occasionally make an appearance in the song do their job in hyping the whole thing up.

So, how about 4s4ki and Itsuka? How do they do on this track? 4s4ki, pronounced ‘Asaki’ by the way, has her voice soaring and sailing all over this track. They’re relatively distinct; somehow simultaneously having a cloudy and sharp quality at the same time. Even the part where she switches to a more hip-hop type flow sounds cool. Itsuka comes in just after the minute mark and brings the song to a pause, adding tension as the second verse builds towards the second chorus drop. It’s a welcome part of ‘Maboroshi’ although I don’t think the MC is going to win awards for the feature alone. All in all, though, it’s a nice song.

You can listen to ‘Maboroshi’ and the ‘NEMNEM’ EP by 4s4ki now.

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