7-Eleven Japan Giving Away Reusable Pokémon Bags

7-Eleven Japan Giving Away Reusable Pokémon Bags

Pokémon and 7-Eleven Japan are giving away free reusable shopping bags.

The bags come in three designs. “A Type” is a bright yellow bag featuring everyone’s favorite electric mouse Pokémon. “B Type” is a black-and-white patterned bag featuring lots of little Pikachus. “C Type” features Celebi and Pikachu.

Each bag comes with a zippered carrying case with a Poké Ball design. Unlike some promotional items, you can choose which bag design you want, assuming that it is still available.

Why Reusable?

Environmentalists around the world have long promoted reusable shopping bags as an eco-friendly alternative to throwaway bags. Governments responded with single-use bag bans and other ways to encourage reusable bag use, this includes Tokyo which recently passed similar legislation.

COVID-19 caused a temporary reversal of this trend. However, environmental groups say that a washed reusable bag is still better in the long run.

7-Eleven Japan Giving Away Reusable Pokémon Bags

The 7-Eleven bags are a promotional item for Pokémon The Movie: Koko. (Also known as Pokémon Coco, but the bags clearly say Koko on them.)   The movie was pushed back from July 10 to Dec. 25 because of COVID-19. The movie features Coco (Koko?), a boy who was raised by a Pokémon.

The free bags will be given out to the first 100 customers in any given 7-Eleven store who spend 700 yen or more.

These will obviously only be available for a limited time, so you may have to hurry before somebody else catches ‘em all.  I suppose your odds might be better if you’re out in Tottori, northern Hokkaido, or something. Or wait until they go up on eBay.

Either way, it’s just one more item on the list of ways that Japanese conbini are better than U.S. convenience stores.

The Pokémon Company, Seven & i Holdings Co.
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