8 Foot Tall, $26,000 Evangelion Figure Goes On Sale

8 Foot, $26K Evangelion Figure Goes On Sale

Look around you. How many Asuka and Rei figures do you have either nicely displayed in cases or collecting dust on your desk right now? Of course, it’s normal for every anime fan to have at least five figures of their favorite Evangelion character, it’s just what the culture demands. However when the world is drowning in a sea of mass-produced plastic Asukas and Reis, how do prove your love for the iconic series is stronger than anyone else’s? Well, one you can up your Evangelion figure game is by investing around twenty-six thousand American dollars into a nearly eight-foot-tall Unit 01 statue, on sale now!

Giant Evangelion Figure

Posted up next to the shopkeeper for comparison, this Unit 01 Evangelion Figure comes courtesy of Small Worlds,  a miniatures company who’ve gone against their namesake in producing this figure. It comes in at 210 centimeters, just below 8 feet, and is priced at a hefty 2,860,000 yen which averages at 26 thousand dollars right now. If you want a version with limited movement and light-up eyes, you can get that too, for the cheap cheap price of 3,400,000 yen. Sure you could buy a car with that money, but hey with Corona about you’re still not going anywhere!

There’s probably no easy way to ship this overseas so if you do order it, chances are you’ll have to pay a pretty penny for shipping too. However, if you do commit you can go to bed every night knowing you’re one of the most powerful people on the planet. Imagine inviting somebody over and they come in and see the giant Unit 01? You’ll have that person’s instant respect for life, whether they’re a partner, a relative, or the pizza delivery man. Though if your pizza delivery man does see this, make sure to tip extra well.

This gargantuan Evangelion figure is available for order at the Small Worlds site now.

Studio Khara / Small Worlds
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