TMS Entertainment: Assorted Animated Nuts

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Must-Watch Classic Anime for All Die-Hard Otaku

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The Themes and Uncertain Future of Metal Gear Solid

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PRODUCTION I.G Continues to Shape the Future of Japanese Anime

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The Shows of the Incomparable Shinichiro Watanabe

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Mamoru Oshii Is One Of Anime’s Most Important Directors

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Young Jump Battle: Twelve Glimpses of the Next Generation

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Our Hopes For Ghost In The Shell: SAC_2045

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Latest ‘The Flowers Of Evil’ Live-Action Film Poster Taps Original Manga Creator

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Over 10 Additional Modes Revealed and Detailed for Tetris Effect

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Introducing… Rintaro – Know the Creators #9

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How Boom Boom Satellites Created the Kind of Music that Broke Barriers

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JVC KENWOOD Join Forces With Mamoru Oshii and Koji Morimoto for Sci-Fi Promotional Short Film ‘Connected…’

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Armitage III is the Quintessential Cyberpunk Cop-Drama 

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Yuji Naka and The Birth of a Blue Legend

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There’s a Blade Runner Anime Coming From Shinichiro Watanabe

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Interview With Yuri!!! on ICE Creator Sayo Yamamoto: Part 2

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