Tsukumizu Lends Talents to Renewed Mandarake Grandchaos Collection

fashion Jacob Parker-Dalton

Mandarake Grandchaos to move to new location in Osaka

other Corey Prasek

Sofubi Is At The Center of Mandarake’s New Akihabara Shop, CoCoo

art Eddie Lehecka

Akihabara’s Mandarake Teams Up With Junji Ito For An Official Line Of Merch

fashion Lizzy Chan

MANDARAKE Hosts Treasure-Filled ‘ZENBU 90’ Auction

other Lachlan Johnston

Hideyuki Tanaka Teases New Bust A Groove Merchandise Is on Its Way

games Eddie Lehecka

A Budget-Friendly Guide to Figure Collecting

other Steph Donaldson

Good Smile Company Opens Nendoroid Select Survey

other Steph Donaldson

Nendoroids: All You Need to Know About the Cutest Collectibles

other Steph Donaldson

Weekly Shonen Jump Survival Guide: How to Deal With Cancelation

manga Jacob Parker-Dalton

‘One Piece Comic BOX Sets’ Collect East Blue, Alabasta in Mammoth Tomes

manga Jacob Parker-Dalton

Weekly Shonen Jump Giving Away Rare Figures to Readers in Japan

manga Jacob Parker-Dalton

Japanese Music Highlights for the Week of Oct. 18 Featuring Noah, ΔKTR and Aura Qualic

music Patrick St. Michel

Kabemura Taizo: The Man Who Shaped Shonen Manga Into a Powerhouse

manga Jacob Parker-Dalton

Junji Ito’s Terrifying Art Available on T-Shirts and More at New Pop-Up Store

fashion Alicia Haddick

Crunchyroll Collaborate with Junji Ito for Upcoming CRX-Exclusive Clothing Drop

fashion Chris Cimi

Shueisha and Kodansha Releasing Hefty Magazine for ‘School of Manga’ Collaboration

manga Jacob Parker-Dalton

OTAQUEST Staff Year in Review: 2018’s Biggest Happenings

other Lachlan Johnston

Bikkuriman’s Latest ‘Devil vs Angel’ Set is Finally Here

food Lachlan Johnston

Influential Designer Hiroshi Fujiwara Lends Talent To Bikkuriman

anime Eddie Lehecka
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