Ayumi Hayasaki and More Come Together for Free and Premium Music Festival ‘A-Nation Online 2020’

Ayumi Hayasaki and More Come Together for Free and Premium Music Festival ‘A-Nation Online 2020’

A number of special online concerts have provided music fans with their only live music experiences since COVID-19 brought an end to large-scale gatherings for the foreseeable future. Attempts have been made to bring back larger audiences to music venues, but these have been unsuccessful so far due to the risk involved. Online concerts aren’t the same, sure, but they are a unique opportunity for artists to reach out to their fans. This weekend, A-Nation Online 2020 will bring Avex artists together for a special online festival with 5 stages of musical performances being offered to audiences around the world.

Many Japanese artists signed to the Avex music label will be performing together for an online audience as part of A-Nation Online 2020. Perhaps most noteworthy are a 50-minute event-closing performance from Ayumi Hamasaki, DA PUMP, Golden Bomber and popular South Korean boy band Super Junior. Even Pikotaro will be there! For me, stand-out performers include Chou Tokimeki Sendenbu, Wa-Suta and WACK group EMPiRE. In total, over 100 artists will be performing on the 1-day-only event across 5 concert stages.

While this is a premium event, tickets will be available to purchase and view the event from anywhere in the world, while some performances will be available for free. Performances on White Stage and Purple Stage will be free for all on LINE and YouTube respectively, and though these stages are less high-profile than the premium events, acts like Wa-Suta, Golden Bomber and Aina The End from BiSH will be performing on these stages.

For the premium stages, tickets can be purchased through Beyond Live for 4800yen, which gives access to all 3 stages. With a mix of free and premium options, Saturday should be an entertaining day of music for all. You can view the full schedule for A-Nation Online 2020 over on the event’s official website.

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