New Act-Age Animated PVs Bring the ‘Double Cast’ Arc to Astounding Life

Act-Age animated PV

Ahead of the release of the series’ 12th collected volume, Tatsuya Matsuki and Shiro Usazaki’s Act-Age has received a pair of animated PVs that bring to life the two sides of the fictional ‘Princess Iron Fan’ stage play. While this may be a regular marketing tactic by Shueisha, they may also serve to whet the appetite of those fans that have been eagerly awaiting an anime adaptation for some time.

Unveiled on July 2 via the official Shonen Jump YouTube channel, the two Act-Age PVs perfectly encapsulate the mad energy, tension, and drama that made the ‘Double Cast’ arc so special. Aside from the ‘animation’ of Shiro Usazaki’s already impeccable panel art, special mention should go to the music, which perfectly captures the mood and ambience of the fictional play’s setting during Ming dynasty China.

There are two PVs, incidentally, because there are two versions of the play that form the basis of the Act-Age arc: one starring the protagonist, Yonagi Kei, and the other starring her rival, Chiyoko Momoshiro. They are titled ‘Side A (Kou)’ and ‘Side B (Otsu)’ respectively.

But, then again, you probably already knew that. The Double Cast arc has been one of the driving forces behind fans clamouring for an anime adaptation, alongside the prior excellent arc focused on ‘Night on the Galactic Railroad.’ Yet, although we’ve heard some rumors, there’s been no word yet on an Act-Age anime.

These two PVs, then, might be the closest thing to an Act-Age anime that we get for a good while. Not only do they look good in motion, they also utilise music and cinematography to make a lasting impression. Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, however, as this is a regular practice for the marketing team over at Shueisha: almost every new series gets some sort of animated PV, alongside significant volume releases.

You can read Act-Age for free via VIZ Media’s Shonen Jump.

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