Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro Live Action Film Gets A Release Date

Agetaro DJ Coming Soon

It was initially announced back in 2017 that the cult popular manga & anime “Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro” was to be getting a live-action movie adaption. Until today, new information about the film has essentially been radio silent. That silence was broken today with the announcement that the film will be released on June 19th.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the series, it originally started as a manga in Shonen JUMP+ in 2014, which was adapted into an anime series in 2016. It is about Agetaro Katsumasa, a naïve but sincere child whose family has run a tonkatsu restaurant for 3 generations. The story of the manga and anime sees Agetaro chase his aspirations to become a famous DJ. Needless to say, the story is all over the place, and that’s fantastic. It’s the nonsensical-ness of the story which is the charm of the project. Personally, I am looking forward to the live-action adaption of the series as I feel that it can bring a different aspect of the story to the series. It leaves me to wonder though however if the live-action movie will follow the same story as the anime and manga, if it will be an extension of it, or if it will be its own story altogether.

More information such as the cast and director are to be announced on January 29th, or “Niku no Hi”(meat day). The live-action movie of “Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro” is being produced by Fuji TV and is being distributed by Warner Brothers. As I mentioned how the series has its charms, it will be quite interesting to see how the antics and story will translate to the silver screen and just how Fuji TV was able to incorporate the story from something which was originally a joke manga, to something that involves real people. What I’m looking forward to is the possibility of some exclusive merchandise from Yujiro Koyama as released in the past.

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