Aimer and LiSA to Perform in Aniplex Online Fest 2021 Among Others

Aniplex Online Fest 2021 Artists

Aniplex shared the first round of musical acts that will be participating in their own event that they announced just last week, Aniplex Online Fest 2021. They have quite the heavy list of names.


The following artists will be performing during the event:

  • Aimer
  • ClariS
  • SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]
  • LiSA
  • ReoNa

These five artists alone are enough to guarantee that the music portion of Aniplex Online Fest 2021 is going to be an absolutely massive hit with fans.

We also know that Aniplex is planning on having content at least from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Sword Art Online Progressive, Fate Grand Order Anime Projectand Madoka Magica.

With the event not scheduled to take place until 4 July 2021, Aniplex still has plenty of time to announce even more titles, artists, and events. Aniplex Online Fest 2021 is free and will be streamed on YouTube, available worldwide.

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