AKKOGORILLA Releases Latest Music Video for “Over The Border”

AKKOGORILLA Releases Latest Music Video for

It was only recently I found myself writing about AKKOGORILLA’s latest Kaisenzeya” music video to mixed review. Looking back on it, it had a pop-like sound that just didn’t fare right, and one that I’m more than glad to see dismissed with “Over The Border”, an even newer music video that dropped last night. While both songs came off of AKKOGORILLA’s incredible “GRRRLISM” album, the energy present in this track is definitely the artist that I know and enjoy so much.

Right off the bat we’re presented with an extremely groove-oriented beat, rapidly complimented by AKKOGORILLA’s incredible flow. It’s a no bars held banger with an equally visually impressive music video, shot throughout the streets of Europe in full vibrancy. The beat really does feel like some of her earlier works, and I mean that in the absolute best way. It’s a feel-good track that you can’t help but move to.

With this being the latest “GRRRLISM” track to receive the music video treatment, it’ll be interesting to see how AKKOGORILLA plays out the rest of the year. We’re almost four months into 2019 now, and with how much I enjoyed “GRRRLISM”, I’m genuinely excited to get into some new content.

Released just in time for tonight’s final leg of AKKOGORILLA’s ongoing GRRRLISM RELEASE TOUR at Club Quattro in Shibuya, the timing was just right to build up ample levels of excitement. For those interested in checking out further details on the last leg of the tour, as well as AKKOGORILLA’s latest album “GRRRLISM”, be sure to visit the artist’s official website.

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