Alice in Borderland Netflix Series Celebrates Release With ‘AI Game’ in Collaboration With ZONe Energy Drink

Alice in Borderland AI game logo

The worldwide release of Alice in Borderland comes with a special promotional campaign with ZONe energy drinks in Japan that allows you to dive into a game straight from the series!

Alice in Borderland has released on Netflix worldwide, bringing with it a slew of promotions to tempt viewers towards the series. Much of this promotion is, understandably, being aimed at the Japanese market. Perhaps the most intriguing is a mobile game that can be accessed and played in collaboration with the Japanese energy drink ZONe. There’s just one catch: you don’t play the game yourself.

Alice in Borderland AI game screenshot

ZONe energy drinks in Japan advertise themselves as digital immersion energy drinks, but it’s best to compare to something similar to gamer fuel in the US. Leaning heavily into esports and internet branding for the drink, it’s no surprise a digital game is the way to promote the drink.

Alice in Borderland AI game promotional image

In this instance, however, you’re not the person in control. Using AI and based on the results from a personality test taken at the start of the game, the AI will guide your player through a game in the Borderland. It promises to differ depending on results so I wouldn’t want to spoil the results for anyone wishing to try it for themselves (and with the game all in Japanese you will need to understand the language to participate), but my character… failed.

Obviously, this game acts as a promotion for both ZONe energy drinks and Alice in Borderland (while I’m unsure if other games from the show are featured, the game my character played was based on one featured in episode 2 of the drama), you don’t need to buy the drink to access the game for yourself. Although you can use the QR code on cans of ZONe to access the game, if you want an AI-controlled alter ego take part in a game from Alice in Borderland without buying the drink, you can do so by accessing this website on a smartphone device.

Good luck!

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