Alpha Industries Takes Flight With STRICT-G For Gundam Flight Jackets

Alpha Industries x STRICT-G Top

Last week, we reported on some really awesome STRICT-G Zeta Gundam shirts that dropped at the end of last month, and the designs were absolutely mind-blowing. Now a week after that previous announcement, iconic bomber jacket designer Alpha Industries has announced that they will be doing collaboration Gundam Flight Jackets in conjunction with STRICT-G. As we previously mentioned in our article about the Zeta Gundam shirts, STRICT-G is very similar to RADIO EVA, as they are an official brand off-spin of the product which puts out various forms of goods for the series.

For those readers who are unfamiliar with Alpha Industries, they are an American company that specializes in producing flight jackets or bomber jackets for the US military and have done so for over 50 years. In 2008, they have entered the consumer market to partner with a number of other fashion brands to bring their replica flight jackets and bomber jackets to the consumer market.

The Alpha Industries x STRICT-G collaboration offers fans of the Gundam series 4 killer designs to choose from ranging from TITANS ESTABLISHED, A.E.U.G., ZEON FORCES, and NEO ZEON. Each of the designs will be on the Alpha Industries MA-1 design jacket featuring the patches and embroidery of each of the different factions depending on which design you choose.

Alpha Industries x STRICT-G Line up 2020

This isn’t the first time that Alpha Industries has partnered with the Gundam franchise with STRICT-G as in 2018 and 2019 they also did a Winter line of MA-1 jackets, but if you ask me, I think that the newest designs that were announced today look better than those that were released in 2018. I do however like the color offerings on the 2018 release better, however. It seems that this is starting to become an annual thing.

The 2020 line of MA-1 Alpha Industries x STRICT-G flight jacket retail for ¥38,300 or ¥38,500 depending on which design you choose and will be shipping in November and pre-orders are available now.

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