AMNIBUS To Produce Dance Dance Revolution 20th Anniversary Merch

AMNIBUS To Produce Dance Dance Revolution 20th Anniversary Merch

Japanese hobby merchandise manufacturer AMNIBUS has announced that they are currently taking pre-orders for a line of Dance Dance Revolution themed clothing. The goods are set to ship out some time in November later this year, and pre-orders are open until September 10.

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I think it’s perfect that the Dance Dance Revolution-themed goodies are set to ship out in the chilly fall time because AMNIBUS has created the coziest looking hoodies, sweatpants, and t-shirts for the cold weather. The t-shirts bear the variations for the artwork for the iconic, killer track PARANOIA, with the track’s name sitting menacingly in the center of the shirt. The hoodie and sweatpants paired together make for a super stylish, stealth sweatsuit, perfect for the heavy workout that Dance Dance Revolution gives you. The clothing is available in both men’s and women’s sizes all the way up to XXXL. Also included in the line of merch is a pass case with the DDR arrow pattern on it, where you can put your train card or something of the like.

There’s been a slew of Dance Dance Revolution-themed goods made available lately, and I couldn’t be gladder. Following on from the title’s 20th-anniversary, it’s great to see Konami giving some recognition to the unique place the title holds in many dedicated fans’ hearts; oh, and giving it a just as well deserved place in our wardrobes. While the AMNIBUS collection does play it relatively safe, it’ll be interesting to see just what could come next from the long-running series.

With pre-orders made available through until September 10, those interested in getting their hands on this Dance Dance Revolution merch can head over to AMNIBUS’ official website.

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