Amnibus to Host ‘Dance Dance Revolution’ & ‘pop’n music’ Pop-Up

Amnibus to Host Dance Dance Revolution & Pop'n Music Collaborative Store

Japanese apparel and goods brand Amnibus is never one to stray away from collaboration, and their latest with Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution and pop’n music has several of our staff members particularly excited. Set to take over the Amnibus store at Marui Shibuya from March 6 for a limited-time pop-up, this truly is an excellent time to be a fan of rhythm games. That right there is how I would have liked to frame the opening to this piece — the only problem is, there’s no telling when Amnibus will be dropping these pieces now. While the pop-up was supposed to take place from March 6, the store has put the event on hiatus amidst the Corona Virus outbreak here in Japan. With all that being said, these pieces are going to come out sooner or later and hopefully bring the pop-up along with them.

This, of course, isn’t our first time seeing Amnibus handle the Dance Dance Revolution property for original goods, previously working with Konami during the game’s 20th-anniversary here in Japan. Given the general demand for the items found in that collection, it’ll be interesting to see how things play out this time, especially with pop’n music being thrown into the mix. Looking at the collection, for those who did pick up pieces from the previous DDR collaboration, it might come with a little disappointment that there isn’t too much new content; though this definitely will prove the perfect opportunity for those who missed out previously to get their hands on some oft-elusive Dance Dance Revolution merchandise. For fans of pop’n music, you’ll likely find the aesthetic of what’s going on sale here should pretty well match what you’d expect, with stylized visuals placed atop acrylic stands, pin badges, charms, as well as shirts and totes. For those interested, you can check out the full collection here.

While there’s no definitive date as to when the Amnibus Dance Dance Revolution & pop’n music Pop-Up store will be taking place as of right now, we’ll be sure to keep you updated when there is. Until then, be sure to keep your eyes peeled both on OTAQUEST and Amnibus’ official website.

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