AMNIBUS Announces New Wave of Dance Dance Revolution Collaboration Goods

DDR Machine Spread

Earlier in August, AMNIBUS did a collaboration with KONAMI’s ‘Dance Dance Revolution’ series with a couple of products representing the series. The release itself was fairly small as it only consisted of two items, albeit they have done a number of collaborations with the series in the past. Most notably their 20th-anniversary line that came out last year in 2019 consisting of a keychain, a shirt, and an acrylic stand. This new collaboration has a number of products that expand on their offering with the series.

The newest offering from the AMNIBUS Dance Dance Revolution collaboration consists of t-shirts, hoodies, clear files, key cases, mobile batteries, smartphone cases, mugs, and train pass cases. The designs for the clothing items are fairly simple with the shirt playing hommage to the four panels found on the DDR machine with the ‘Dance Dance Revolution’ name under the panels being offered in black and pink. The hoodie uses a similar design direction however there is a paneled Dance Dance Revolution embossed on the back of the hoodie under the step indicators that you would find on the DDR playfield.

The other products in the lineup as previously mentioned consist of mobile batteries, smartphone cases, and mugs, with the mobile batteries and smartphone cases sharing a similar design but with a different color scheme. One thing, about the mobile battery that stands out to me, however, is the price compared to the amount of battery storage it offers. It’s the host to a ¥10,000 (approx $97 USD) price tag but only offers the user 5000mAh. Kind of a small battery for the huge price tag. But the design is really cool! So maybe that’s a benefit?

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The newest line of AMNIBUS Dance Dance Revolution items are now available for order from the AMNIBUS store and will start shipping in the middle of September. As with all goods which are available online in Japan, you’d likely need to have a proxy to order for you or know someone in Japan that can pick them up for you!

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