AMNIBUS Announces Reversable Sukejan Jackets for Persona 3, 4, and 5

Persona 5 Banner

If I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, the Persona series is quite possibly next to Evangelion in terms of clothing collaborations. The style used within the game just lends itself so perfectly to so many real-world possibilities. Japanese anime and game goods distributor AMNIBUS is also no stranger to collaborations as it also seems that they collaborate with almost every single IP under the sun. Today’s announcement is no different, AMNIBUS has announced that they are going to be doing Sukejan jackets based on Persona 3, Persona 4, and Persona 5. But the catch here is that the Sukejan jackets are reversible, so essentially, you’re getting two jackets in one.

The Persona 3 Sukejan has the Velvet Room’s elevator door pattern is laid out on the body, and a mask pattern is printed on the left sleeve. The reverse of the jacket features the clock and S.E.E.S. logo on the back, and the Gekkoukan School emblem is printed on the chest. It is made of lustrous satin fabric and can be changed to match any occasion.

Persona 3 Jacket

Whereas the Persona 4 Sukejan has the shadow version of Kuma and the English translation of “I am shadow…that is my truth ” laid out on the back of the jacket, and the effect of entering the world of TV and the English translation of “I am thou, thou art I” are printed on the chest. The reverse is based on the coloring inspired by the work, with Kuma on the chest and the ever so memorable TV stack with “MAYONAKA” on the back. The Persona 4 Sukejan is made of satin fabric with a glossy feel.

Persona 4 Jacket

Last but not least, we have the Persona 5 Sukejan has Joker’s illustration laid out in large and center on the back, with the Phantom Thief’s logo, and the words “TAKE YOUR HEART” with Morgana printed on the chest. The reverse side has a print of Memento’s on the back and the same thieves’ mark, “TAKE YOUR HEART” and the Morgana Car printed on the chest. This one is made of satin and has a glossy finish.

Persona 5 Jacket

I would be remiss to say that I don’t want all of these. But unfortunately, I am not made of money as each of these Sukejan jackets cost ¥25,000 (Approx. $230.) As with everything from AMNIBUS, you’re likely going to have to get a proxy or have a friend in Japan order the items for you if you wish to obtain these being the huge Persona fan that you are. The AMNIBUS Persona Sukejan are available for pre-order now until September 29th, and will ship in January 2021.

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