Amuro and Char Encourage Fans To Fight Against Covid

Amuro and Char Encourage Fans To Fight Against Covid

COVID 19 continues to rage on with its second wave continuing to hit Japan without an end quite in sight yet. With some people reluctant to enter another state of emergency for any number reasons, as numbers are still relatively low here, persuasion may have to start coming from unlikely places to help get the job done. To this end, two unlikely figures have put aside their many past differences for the greater good of humanity and have come together with a special message. Under the banner of the ‘Gundam Beyond’ campaign, Amuro and Char put out a special message to encourage fans to stand strong against Covid.

The ‘Message from GUNDAM BEYOND’ features a spirited back and forth between Amuro and Char, complete with Yoshiyuki Tominolike romantic dialogue to really hone in the message. Since they’re both, as Char points out, part of the human race, they’re able to look past their many deadly battles to encourage us to band together in these trying times as these days are ‘building the future’. It’s not just them either; The leads from Gundam Unicorn, Iron-Blooded Orphans, Zeta Gundam, Gundam 00, the upcoming Hathaway’s Flash, and even Wing’s Heero Yuy make cameos to state we need to ‘be of one mind’.

To clarify, there’s no new animation of course but all the aforementioned character’s voice actors have recorded new lines for the Gundam Beyond message. Amuro and Char sound like we haven’t aged a day, and with Toru Furuya doing some in-person Amuroing just last week at the new Gundam Cafe, it’s safe to say he’s still got it! We will admit, the video’s a little vague and doesn’t mention COVID 19 by name nor does it include the phrase ‘Stay Home’  or ‘Social Distance’ but what these cherished Newtypes are getting at is pretty obvious.

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