Shaman King Bracelets Themed After Your Favorite Characters Released by Anaguma

Shaman King bracelets

Anaguma announced that they’re going to be bringing a series of Shaman King bracelets to fans of the series. Shaman King is all the rage again, and Anaguma is no stranger to partnering with a bunch of different games and anime series. The quality of the bracelets should be top-notch.

Box of Shaman King bracelets

The collection includes five different designs, each themed after a different character in the Shaman King series.

  • Yoh Asakura: The Yoh-themed bracelet will feature an orange band with gold accents with clear, black, and orange beads.

Yoh Asakura Shaman King bracelet

  • Anna Kyoyama: The Anna-themed bracelet will feature a black band with rose gold accents and clear, black, and red beads.

Anna Kyoyama Shaman King bracelet

  • Ren Tao: The Ren-themed bracelet will feature a black band with gold accents and black, purple, pearl, and gradient pink beads.

Ren Tao Shaman King bracelet

  • Horohoro: The Horohoro-themed bracelet will feature a sky blue band with silver accents and varying shades of translucent blue beads.

Horohoro Shaman King bracelet

  • Hao: The Hao-themed bracelet will feature a red band with brass-colored accents and pearl, white, red, and black beads.

Hao Shaman King bracelet

Each Shaman King bracelet will retail for ¥6,380 (Approx. $60 USD) and are currently available for pre-order until 9 June 2021. Anaguma does not ship internationally, so if you were looking to pick the items for yourself, you’d need to find a friend or a proxy that can help you.

Anaguma, ©武井宏之・講談社/SHAMAN KING Project.・テレビ東京
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