Android52 Previews Upcoming EP With “BOUNCE, YEAH”

Android52 Previews Upcoming EP With

While I really shouldn’t be surprised at this point, I can’t help but be blown away each and every time Germany-based trackmaker Android52 puts out something new. This last year proved to be such an important one for Android52, with numerous gigs in Tokyo as well as a slew of releases that would see the artist redefine his own signature sound. Stepping away from sampling video game and anime music and instead focusing on some seriously incredible original production work lead to some of his most impactful works to date, and his latest release is no exception.

Shared just days ahead of the release of Android52’s debut EP, “ULTRA GROOVE PRODUCT”, we got our first look at the style of original production work we should be expecting when the EP drops. With the first release, “BOUNCE, YEAH”, we’re treated to Android52’s self-described “Future Groove” sound that is every bit as enjoyable at your desk as it would be in the middle of the dance floor. The song screams inspiration from Android52’s home country, but in many ways shares the same energy he’s always maintained all the way back from when he began making a name for himself through his timeless video game and anime edits. If this is the future progression of Android52’s sound, this is 100% something I can get behind.

Having called on rapidly-emerging Japanese illustrator Najuco to put together the incredible artwork for “ULTRA GROOVE PRODUCT”, this really does feel like one of Android52’s most mature releases to date, and I can’t wait to hear the full package when it finally releases on January 18, 2019. Set to release on all major streaming platforms, those interested in checking out the release when it finally drops can keep a close eye on Android52’s official Twitter, here.

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