Nintendo’s Animal Crossing Island Tour Creator Allows Players to Make Posters, Trailers About Their Island

Animal Crossing Island Tour Creator

As more and more players share their Animal Crossing: New Horizons island creations with other players, Nintendo is helping to facilitate this trend by creating the Island Tour Creator.

Just earlier today we were discussing how electronics manufacturer LG had created their own Animal Crossing: New Horizons island to promote an upcoming range of OLED TVs, joining a range of companies and personal creators who had used the Nintendo phenomenon to showcase their own creative talent or to promote upcoming products. It became a trend in and of itself, and fans have often created their own elaborate trailers that are almost as impressive as the islands themselves.

Those with creative skills who are lacking in video or photo editing prowess will be able to take full advantage of the Animal Crossing Island Tour Creator.

The creator allows users to upload screenshots and videos from their Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s playtime to insert them into video and photo templates in order to create lavish posters and professional-quality videos that showcase the selling points of their islands and convince people to visit. To show what is possible, Nintendo have created their own poster and promotional videos for their own island using the creator; you can see cute promotional art designed like magazine covers or tourism posters.

In the video, you can see a few major points about the island, such as the photo spot and a row of trees. At the end of the video and on every poster is the Dream Island code needed to visit the island, making it great for its purpose.

You must visit the Island Tour Creator official website with the photos or videos saved on a smart device, and, if you are making a trailer, choose from 3 to 9 showcase points to attach these videos and photos to. Then, you can share the video on social media. We look forward to seeing everyone’s creations!

By the way, to visit Nintendo’s showcase Ninten Island, you can use the Dream Island code DA-6382-1459-4417.

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