Industrious Fans Create Useful Animal Crossing New Horizons Utilities Ahead of Release

Animal Crossing New Horizons

We’re only a few days away from the long-awaited release of Animal Crossing New Horizons for Nintendo Switch, and fans all over the world have been getting themselves prepared for all of the tasks ahead of them in-game. Some players have been preparing their old patterns from previous titles for the announced QR transfer system, others have just picked up the recently released themed Nintendo Switch console so they have something ready to play it on. A couple of pro-active fans have taken it a step further though by creating some incredibly useful utilities designed to help you not only plan but keep track of your work in the upcoming game.

Reddit user eugeneration kicked things off by creating an online map editor called Happy Island Designer. The editor gives you a bird’s eye view of an entire island layout, set to a similar grid pattern as the game, and the tools to edit and play around with the terrain. This will be super useful given the recently confirmed terraforming feature in-game, which will allow you to completely customize the physical layout of your island. Of course, we don’t know if that feature is available right from the start, in all honesty, it’s probably a late-game ability, but it’s really awesome to have this utility available to get a head start with your own plans. The map editor works on PC and mobile device web browsers and is still in active development while being entirely functional. The creator has stated that he plans to add more icons, some more helpful editing features, and fix bugs as they are reported. You can find more information on these improvements on Reddit.

Happy Island Designer

Next up, another Reddit user by the name jefferykuiken has announced the upcoming release of an iOS inventory & task list companion app scheduled to release on the 20th alongside the game. This app will feature full lists of all fish, bugs, diving creatures, villagers, events, fossils, fruit, and DIY projects. Using the app you can keep track of villager birthdays, what fish & bugs you still need to catch, or even use it just for reference about seasonal availability for things. It already looks incredibly clean and beautifully designed so we’re hoping to see even more additions once the game is released like furniture & clothing sets amongst other things. Unfortunately, the creator has stated that he isn’t familiar with Android development, so this is iOS only for the time being. Hopefully, someone follows his lead and makes a similar app for use on other devices. You can also find more information on this utility over on Reddit.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Companion App

I used pen & paper extensively to create lists and deal with just these kinds of things when I was playing Animal Crossing New Leaf and it was a nightmare to keep track of different things I was working on as a result. I’m super happy that people are working on these kinds of solutions ahead of the game because I’m sure I’m not alone in my plans to spend plenty of time indoors building out my island come this Friday. Happy building/collecting/island living everyone!

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