Animal Crossing: New Horizons Version 1.1.2 Fixes Major Villager Glitch

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Just days after Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released an item duplication glitch was discovered in-game, prompting Nintendo to issue its 1.1.1 patch almost immediately fixing it and restoring balance to the game. Now, several days later an actual game-breaking glitch was discovered that would cause a plot of land to become unoccupied in the game with no way to restore it, losing a villager in the process. The short of it was if you visit someone else’s town and invite a villager that was leaving to come live to your town, that invited villager would not move and the house it was set to occupy would change its status to sold and stay that way. It was a major issue as it comes impossible to fill up your town at that point and makes certain “story” goals unattainable. Thankfully Nintendo is taking things incredibly seriously and issued update 1.2.2 fixing that and a number of other glitches found in the game.

Check out the official patch notes for more details:

Ver. 1.1.2 (Released April 2, 2020)
General updates

  • Fixed an issue where an animal you’ve invited to move from another island doesn’t actually move, leaving the plot of land allocated for them to move to sold and unoccupied.
    • How this issue will be resolved in affected save data:
      After the software is updated to Ver. 1.1.2, the sold plot of land will revert to being available, and a new animal will become able to move there again.
    • Note: Unfortunately, the animal that was originally invited to move to your island when the issue occurred will not return to their original island, nor will their plan to move to your island be carried out.
  • Fixed an issue where a request from Tom Nook for the Resident Representative to find a plot of land for new residents disappears.
    • How this issue will be resolved in affected save data:
      After the software is updated to Ver. 1.1.2, if the island is developed to a certain point (Nook’s Cranny is either under construction or completed), the next time the Resident Representative plays the game, a special event will trigger during the island-wide broadcast and the story will move forward.
  • Fixed an issue where, after deleting a resident, it becomes impossible to move their house and/or other structures.
    • How this issue will be resolved in affected save data:
      After the software is updated to Ver. 1.1.2, it will once more become possible to request that these structures be moved.
  • Fixed an issue where both Nook Miles and Bells are subtracted when you use Nook Miles Tickets to go on a Mystery Tour and purchase an item from Wilbur.
  • Other adjustments were made to improve the game play experience.

Players will need to update before they can go online, so if you’re not prompted to install the update next time you start the game up you’ll need to exit to the Switch main menu and enter the game’s setting menu by pressing + while highlighting the game.

It’s really nice to see Nintendo actually taking these glitches so seriously and patching them quickly. While some players might be disappointed with the removal of the item duplication glitch, I can understand the quick response as having such a thing throws off any semblance of an in-game “economy” and kind of kills some of the multiplayer appeal for some players. Hopefully this is the last of these kind of patches that will be necessary, but if it’s anything else that does pop up we can all rest easy knowing that Nintendo is on top of things.

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