The Anime and Manga Industry Celebrates April Fool’s Day 2019

Anime and Manga Industry Celebrates April Fool's Day

I’ve yet to fully decide whether I love or hate how Japan really gets into the spirit of April Fool’s Day every year. They like to put a lot of effort into these jokes every year and I love to admire what they come up with… the issue I have is that they end up being fake when often I want these fake products they tease to become a real thing. I look through the huge array of April Fool’s Day pranks from the various companies today, and there are a few here I would happily spend money on if they were ever to become a real product.

Alas, that won’t be happening anytime soon. Instead, join me as I celebrate the best April Fool’s Day pranks of the day and wallow in the fact that we won’t ever see these products become a real thing. Below, you can find the best of the April Fool’s Day anime and manga pranks, while you can view a separate article here for our favorite video gaming pranks.

Zombieland Saga x One Cut of the Dead

Perhaps the perfect movie for a cast of zombies involved in showbiz, the staff behind Zombieland Saga teased a fake movie related to the series being in production that would be a parody of the surprise-megahit low-budget zombie film One Cut of the Dead.

I would watch it!

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Giorno’s Aba Tea

Coming soon in spring of the year 20020, a brand new tea product based on part 5 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. I’m surprised we’re still going to be using plastic bottles in 18000 years… and I’m even more surprised they’ve announced this product so long in advance!

Yuru Camp x A Place Further Than the Universe

This is one of the coolest April Fool’s jokes of this year in my opinion. Both of these slice of life anime stole the hearts of fans last year and both gained a large following that greatly overlaps between the two shows. In celebration of the success and in recognition of this, brand new pieces of promotional art were released with each show’s characters recreating the official promo art of the other one

My Hero Academia The Movie… Inspired by Godzilla?

You know what the first movie of My Hero Academia was missing? An elaborate Godzilla parody. This new ‘official’ promo art for the film finally gives us what we have all been waiting for

Made in Abyss: Moruruk’s Everyday

We may have a new movie adapting more of the Made in Abyss storyline on the horizon, but what about a brand new slice of life anime following the everyday activities of Moruruk? Turns out, we’re getting that as well!

Sound: Euphonium’s Mascot Character is Getting Their Own Anime?

Tuba-kun, the adorable mascot character found in the otherwise-more-serious drama from Kyoto Animation could be getting their own anime… if we didn’t know it was April Fool’s Day. Oh well, at least we have the normal film based on the series set for release on April 19th.

The Promised Neverland’s Twitter Account Looks For Nursery Staff with Friendly Advertisements

I can’t see how this can go wrong at all. The official twitter account for The Promised Neverland is looking for applications to become teachers at a soon-to-open nursery. How nice of them! Especially since the anime itself is a heartwarming slice of life show about a few very innocent kids living very normal lives within the confines of an orphanage/nursery.

Wait, that’s not what this show is about? Wait, you mean THAT happens? Oh… well then…

April Fool’s Day is always a fun time of year, even if it can also be a little painful for anime and manga fans alike. I wish a few of these projects and products were real, but alas. Did you miss last year’s April Fool’s Day celebrations? See our roundup for that here.

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