Eromanga Sensei is Ridiculous, Perverse and Bingeable

Eromanga Sensei Sagiri In Room

Sometimes, it’s nice to just watch something mindless. In the midst of the strange time we’re currently living in, diving into a series that’s just plain funny is the perfect remedy for the real world. Eromanga Sensei has humor in droves, and it’s the kind that errs on the side of being NSFW. (This also makes it perfect fodder for internet memes, as I’m sure many are aware.)

Masamune Izumi is a regular high school guy who likes writing light novels but sucks at art. Outsourcing his illustrations to an anonymous artist known as ‘Eromanga Sensei’, this mysterious figure is reliable, but known for drawing extremely perverted content.

When he’s not doing schoolwork, Masamune is taking care of his shut-in younger step-sister, who has been locked in her room for the past year. As it turns out, this hentai artist? It’s been his sister Sagiri all along.

That discovery is when things get interesting.

Eromanga Sensei Sagiri

Despite the ridiculous and risque premise, the show has amassed a huge fan following both in Japan and abroad, with many easily relating to Sagiri and her penchant for staying in her room on the internet for months on end. The amount of merch released for the series has been staggering so far, and western fans have been clamoring to get their hands on what they can.

Whether that’s positive or not, well, it’s best just to enjoy the ride.


The Characters of Eromanga Sensei

  • Masamune Izumi – The male protagonist of Eromanga Sensei, Masamune is a writer hoping to get closer to his younger step-sister after his parents passed away. In middle school, he won a light novel writing contest and has been working on his craft ever since. Despite his talent, he lacks self-esteem, and constantly fears rejection. Unsurprisingly, he is rather submissive, and his sister easily wears the pants.


  • Sagiri Izumi – Masamune’s younger step-sister, Sagiri is secretly illustrating her brother’s novels. Her artwork is very popular online, though no one would ever imagine she’s a 13-year old girl. Drawing since she was very young, she is quiet and shy–she will sometimes stream her art live, but she disguises her voice and face. Sagiri is easily the most popular character in the series. She’s also the subject of basically every Eromanga Sensei meme.


  • Elf Yamada – After graduating from elementary school, Elf, a pretty blonde author, dropped out of school and pursued writing. She is also interested in having her works illustrated by the mysterious Eromanga. Elf thinks highly of herself and is very intelligent, though she has extremely strange hobbies including naked piano playing.


  • Senju Muramasa – A huge fan of Masamune’s writing, Senju is a writer herself, having sold almost 15 million copies of her own series. She is actually in love with Masamune, though the feelings aren’t reciprocated. Her real name is Hana Umezono.


  • Megumi Jinno – One of Sagiri’s classmates, Megumi just wants to get the artist to attend school. Sociable and friendly, she comes off as a bit of a lush, flirting and telling dirty jokes. Honestly, she’s a bit clueless when it comes to the sinful things she talks about.


  • Tomoe Takasago – Tomoe is a friend of Masamune, and one of the very few people who know his true identity as a popular light novel author. She works at a bookstore, and has a crush on Masamune, always recommending him new novels.

The Jump from Light Novel Series to Manga

Eromanga Sensei began as a light novel series itself in 2013, and 12 volumes have been released so far. The series is still ongoing, and I’m still hoping for a light novel release in the west. Having read a few, they are even more hilarious than you’d expect.

Tsukasa Fushimi, the author of Eromanga Sensei, found fame in 2008 with the massively popular Oreimo franchise, which received both manga and anime adaptations.

Eromanga Sensei Manga

A manga adaptation of Eromanga Sensei began in 2014 in Dengeki Daioh magazine, alongside such major hits as A Certain Scientific Railgun and Toradora! It is still ongoing, and nine volumes have been compiled so far, with three currently available in English.

In 2018, a spin-off series focusing on Elf Yamada began, also in Dengeki Daioh. Hopefully, it will also see an English release in the future.


The Anime Series: Will There be a Season 2?

A twelve-episode anime adaptation aired in Japan in 2017, with two OVA episodes releasing in early 2019. Both the series and OVA episodes were directed by Ryohei Takeshita, who has worked as an episode director for To Love-Ru. He’s also done key animation for dozens of series, from Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun to Nyaruko: Crawling with Love!

While there has been plenty of gossip surrounding a possible season 2, nothing concrete has been established just yet. While Eromanga Sensei has proven to be extremely popular, the first season had poor ratings. However, with the manga and light novel series ongoing and plenty of hype around the characters, it still seems like season 2 is a possibility. Let’s pray for a green light in the near future.


Where to Watch the Eromanga Sensei Anime Series and Read the Manga

Currently, the Eromanga Sensei anime series is available to stream on Crunchyroll and Amazon Prime Video. The OVA isn’t currently streaming, though I would expect that to change with so much hype around the series.

While the light novel series has never been brought to the west, the manga is available. The series has been licensed in the US by Dark Horse Comics and is available to buy on Amazon and from your local bookseller.

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