Anime Expo Steps It up in 2018 With New Fashion Look Book

Over recent years there’s been an undeniable shift in focus for North America’s biggest anime convention; broadening their scopes to look beyond the anime medium and delve deeper into Japanese pop culture as a whole. It’s no industry secret that Japan is home to some of the most fashion-conscious minds, and Anime Expo’s latest movement aims to bring that consciousness to their long-running convention in the form of their first-ever lookbook.

There’s a finite art to pulling off some of your favorite anime merchandise, and while confidence in your overall outfit is the most important step, there is certainly a level of coordination that needs to come with it. What Anime Expo is aiming to do with their lookbook is to introduce a small sample of fun ways you can pull off your favorite merch, starting with their own personal branded gear, of course. There are a few things to note with the convention’s first-ever lookbook, and it all starts with clean design:

Anime Expo has been making leaps and bounds over the years to present some of the cleanest merchandise in the convention scene, something that particularly piqued my interest last year when they collaborated with Tokyo-based fashion brand Galaxxxy. Let’s be real, can we talk about how clean the MAX Jacket is from this year’s collection? Chuck that piece on and that’s basically all the coordination you’ll ever need. I’m very down with that piece in particular, that’s for sure.

Spread out across a total of 20-pages, Anime Expo 2018 invites people from all walks of life to celebrate the worlds of Japanese pop culture and self-expression. Taking place from July 5 – July 8 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, you can catch our full coverage of the convention in our comprehensive archives, here. Those interested in looking further into the merchandise releases at Anime Expo 2018 can also head over to their official website.

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