Anime Expo 2018 Confirms Pre-Show Badge Is Valid For Entry To m-flo presents OTAQUEST LIVE powered by LDH

In a tweet that went out the other day on the official Anime Expo Twitter account, it was stated that all badge types including their $20 pre-show badge will grant entry (along with a valid event ticket) to m-flo presents OTAQUEST LIVE presented by LDH USA. This revelation is great for first time convention goers attending the event as the pre-show badge grants you access to Anime Expo’s programming on July 4th, but will still be valid for the July 5th’s Microsoft Theater event. With so much great content to experience, this is an amazing value for those of you who want to experience the excitement of a convention without the full 4-day committment!

This also effectively makes the $20 entry option a great value if you’re only interested in attending events at the Microsoft Theater over the weekend, making the overall entry cost up to $45 cheaper for a single day!

Now that a more cost effective option has been made available for fans of the artists who are appearing that are new to attending a convention, understand that very often both a badge for the convention and a concert ticket is required to attend specific events. This is the case for m-flo presents OTAQUEST LIVE powered by LDH USA. To make the process of obtaining everything you need to attend this one of a kind event easier we’ve created the guide below to walk you through!

To begin, visit the Anime Expo Registration information page & read about each badge type to choose the one that suits you best:

After you decide which badge you’d like, click on the “Register Now” button or visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/anime-expo-2018-registration-registration-30863348105 to begin your purchase. Here you will select the quantity of badges you would like to purchase, and begin the registration process. Each person attending will require a badge, so if you’re purchasing for a group please be careful to confirm your quantity!

After clicking the “Register” button you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll enter all of the registration & purchase details. You have 20 minutes to complete your purchase, the countdown at the top of the page will let you know how much time is remaining. If the clock reaches 0:00 your purchase will be cancelled and you’ll have to start all over!

On this page you’ll be entering your Billing Information, Name & Contact for each badge you’re purchasing (required for pickup at the convention), as well as your address and payment details. Be sure to fill out every field that has a red asterisk (*) in order to complete your purchase.

After entering your personal information, be sure to read over the Terms of Participation and Liability Release. Once you’re clear on the terms and conditions, agree to the waiver and click the “Pay Now” Button to complete your badge purchase.

Once your payment goes through you should recieve a confirmation page and e-mail. Congratulations! Now you can attend Anime Expo 2018!

The next step is getting your ticket for m-flo presents OTAQUEST LIVE powered by LDH USA. Don’t worry, we have you covered there too! To begin your ticket purchase, visit the event on Showclix at https://www.showclix.com/event/m-flo-presents-otaquest-live.

Once on the showclix page, start by either clicking “Select Seats” or “Find Best Available”. Choosing “Find Best Available” will automatically put you in the best available seats without having to check the seating chart. You will also have 15 minutes to complete your purchase once selecting your option, after that time the transaction will be cancelled and you will have to start all over.

If you choose “Select Seats” you will be taken a page with a map of venue, with the remaining available seats colored in and taken seats greyed out. Click on an area to zoom in and select your preferred seat!

Once you zoom in, click on the seat or seats that you would like to purchase. This will add them to your cart. You can see which seats you’ve selected as they are highlighted in a different color. Once your selection is made, click the “Continue Reservation” button to move onto the next step.

On this page you will confirm your selection and the price before moving on. Click on “Checkout” to move on.

On the next page you will be asked to enter a name for each ticket being purchased. When you go to pick up your tickets at the venue you will be required to show ID with a matching name as what appears on the ticket.

After entering your name, you must verify you have read and agree to the rules and regulations related to the event. You must also confirm that you understand that an Anime Expo 2018 badge is required for entry. If you’ve been following the guide so far, this shouldn’t be a problem! Click the check boxes and then “Continue” to move on.

This is the last step! Enter all of the required information and then select “Complete Order”. You will receive confirmation of your purchase once it has successfully been completed.

Now you’re ready to party with us on July 5th at Microsoft Theater! Your ticket can be picked up at the theater Ticketing Booth starting from July 3rd at 4:00pm until the beginning of the event at 4:00pm on July 5th.


We hope this guide made things a little easier for you, and we look forward to seeing you all at m-flo presents OTAQUEST LIVE powered by LDH USA!

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