Japanese Government is Serious About Foreign Talent in Anime

The Japanese anime industry is producing so much more content now than it ever has at any point in time. Whether a studio is working on a traditional-length project for TV broadcast, a feature-length film, an opening cutscene for a video game or even a mobile game, or a commercial for a company looking to benefit from anime’s popularity — the workload is immense and the people are honestly few in number.

Much has been done in an attempt to alleviate some of the negative trends being brought about by an evolving industry, but this one could be one of the most exciting initiatives yet. The Japanese government, under their “Cool Japan” program, is always looking to further the appeal of Japanese anime the world over, and that’s where you may come in. Getting a visa to work in Japan in the anime industry is likely about to get a whole lot easier.

Special economic zones — small areas of a country wherein laws regarding trade, labor practices, and even taxation may be different from the rest of the land. A reform in Japan’s policy on these zones may allow for environments where foreign nationals can bypass the usually-strict requirements for getting a visa in certain fields, such as animation and design.

Usually, years worth of experience and knowledge are required for these visas, but in the name of economic sustainment and growth, the government has come to realize that previous policies, especially ones found in popular fields like animation, didn’t make much sense. Graduates of colleges and vocational schools for animation and design shouldn’t be denied visas, and they should be allowed a more robust training program that gives them that laser-focused expertise usually needed for good positions.

We have the “Cool Japan Talent Raising Investigation Commission” to thank in considering the changes. They are tasked with speaking to industry leaders and experts to figure out exactly how this evolution should be enacted. This news makes me ecstatic, and I can’t wait to see more people with a dream of working in this industry having it be granted.

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