‘Anna Sui Meets Demon Slayer’ Turns Nezuko and Shinobu Into Beautiful Accessories

Anna Sui Meets Demon Slayer collection visual

Have you heard of this Demon Slayer thing? It’s taking over all of Japan by storm, least of all the anime world. Everyone from the youngest of elementary school students to even the Grandmas and Grandpas in the sticks have seen this thing, and the recent Mugen Train movie has smashed through all sorts of records pushing the already popular series to new highs. Makes sense that all sorts of merchandise would follow, from the conventional such as clothing to the likes of branded Othello set and Rubik’s Cubes. The ‘Anna Sui Meets Demon Slayer’ collection isn’t pushing the envelope, but we like that the accessory and apparel line focused on Nezuko and Shinobu.

Shinobu Kocho items from Anna Sui Meets Demon Slayer

Shinobu Kozuko is particularly an underrated character, at least for Demon Slayer standards, where just about every character is enormously popular. What we’re saying is, she’s not Tanjiro or Nezuko levels of popularity! Yet, Anna Sui did a good job with the simple pieces that are inspired by her image. The bow and purse in particular that use the color of her outer-wear are both a particularly clever way for the Anna Sui Meets Demon Slayer collection to incorporate her image and just plain looks good. They’ve given Nezuko a similar treatment, pictured below.

Nezuko items from Anna Sui Meets Demon Slayer

That oversized Anna Sui Meets Demon Slayer Nezuko sweatshirt is admittedly a winner too. Anna Sui is something of a mid-tier brand, making the items relatively affordable, though they are not Uniqlo cheap. In addition to what’s already pictured here, a whole host of necklaces, bags, and other accessories have also been designed for your consuming pleasure. However, with these wearables, you’ll have to start pulling out the benjamin franklins and 10,000 yen notes to pay for them all. Like the necklace below though, they’re all very pretty and we recommend sifting through the full collection here.

Anna Sui Meets Demon Slayer jewelery

Pre-orders for the Anna Sui Meets Demon Slayer collection start on 17 December, and the line will drop next March.

Anna Sui / UfoTable / Koyoharu Gotoge
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