Ao no Hako Finally Joins Jump Roster Alongside Ame no Furu

Ao no Hako promotional image

Two new series are joining the Weekly Shonen Jump roster over the next fortnight to make up for Phantom Seer’s untimely exit: Ao no Hako and Ame no Furu, penned by Kouji Miura and duo Takegushi Ippon (story) and Santa Mitarashi (art) respectively. While we don’t know much about the second series, the first is based on a very popular one-shot that appeared in the magazine last year. As a result, excitement is pretty high.

In the advertisement image for next week’s issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, Ao no Hako is described as a ‘love story’ that ‘starts one morning in the school gymnasium.’ The original one-shot, published in August 2020, also took place in a school gymnasium, following a boy from the volleyball team as he slowly falls in love with an upperclassman from the girl’s basketball team.

The author, Kouji Miura, is fairly experienced, having serialized both Sensei, Suki desu. and Aozora Rubber in Kodansha magazines in the past. In 2019, he submitted his one-shot Parasol Doumei under the name Amiami to the 4th annual Garyoking (Art King) contest, winning a runner-up prize. Ao no Hako followed in Jump soon after, earning a lot of praise.

Promotional image for Ao no Hako and Ame no Furu

There’s no information available on Ame no Furu, apart from the fact that it is written by Ippon Takegushi and illustrated by Santa Mitarashi. Again, Takegushi is a relative unknown, but Mitarashi has published some one-shots, such as Seken no Yuushi no Goei in Jump in the past. Both of these new Jump series appear to be put together by relative newcomers to the industry.

That’s a good thing, because Jump has always maintained its commitment to nurturing the new generation of talent much more strongly than the other weekly magazines. What’s more, it’s not surprising to see a love comedy such as Ao no Hako coming in to the roster: while Ayakashi Triangle has picked up some of the slack, We Never Learn’s departure left Jump a bit lacking in the romance department. Let’s hope that these two series can help.

Ao no Hako and Ame no Furu will begin serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump on 12 and 19 April, respectively.

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