Applekid Previews Debut Release With ‘Cityscape’ via Maltine Records

While it hasn’t necessarily been the busiest year for well-established netlabel Maltine Records, we’ve certainly seen a consistent level of quality presented leading into the label’s one-hundred-and-seventy-first main release. Building upon that trend with the label’s latest release is a somewhat new face to Maltine Records, Applekid, a joint project between trackmaker Yuigot and vocalist Seana. Stemming from the duo’s upcoming “PLENA”, our first look at what Applekid has to offer comes in the form of “Cityscape”.


Shared today via Maltine Records’ SoundCloud account, Applekid’s debut release “Cityscape” aims to lay the foundations for what really could shape up to be something incredible. Utilizing Yuigot’s in-depth understanding of new age pop techniques, mixed in with the enchanting vocals of Seana, we’re whisked away on a fresh new adventure courtesy of the musical duo. While a release date for the full “PLENA” is yet to be announced, the “Cityscape” track upload does insist that its “coming soon”.

As it stands there is currently no Applekid accounts online, with each member simply linking back to their own accounts — giving us the idea that most of their works are likely to release through Maltine Records. So until “PLENA” drops, you’ll want to be checking back both here and Maltine Records’ SoundCloud account, here. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as further information is revealed.

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