Aquaman Illustration By The Late Monkey Punch Unveiled

Aquaman Illustration By The Late Monkey Punch Unveiled

Monkey Punch is an absolute legend. Passing at 81 earlier this year, the man has left a legacy that only a few people could equal. He was the creator of the iconic and eternal Lupin The Third series which not only has some incredible tv anime come out of, but it helped launch the career of one Hayao Miyazaki. At 81 years, Monkey Punch was no longer creating manga on a regular basis but he was still an active illustrator. One of the projects he was working on up until the day he died was a series of illustrations based on DC Comics super-heroes. His take on Shazam was released early last month. Now we have Aquaman!

Monkey Punch Aquaman

No blonde hair or green underwear here. Clearly, the design Monkey Punch went with, or was asked to go with most likely, was the movie Aquaman depicted by Jason Momoa. He’s looking a little more slender on paper than he did in the movie, but Monkey Punch was known for depicting some tall, lanky people. Lupin, Jigen, Goemon, even Zenigata; there wasn’t an ounce of fat or muscle on those boys. Still, I think Aquaman is looking pretty good here, even though if you cut his hair and shaved his beard he’d be indistinguishable from Lupin.

We don’t know exactly how many illustrations Monkey Punch has finished or was intending to finish. We don’t know what this series of drawings were supposed to be used for. We do know that, at the very least, Batman and Supergirl are on the way. More details about what will happen with this series are supposed to come out soon. Monkey Punch himself was a fan of DC Comics and sighted them as an inspiration. Working on a dream collaboration, that’s not the worst way to end things, is it?

Monkey Punch has illustrated Shazam and Aquaman as part of a series of DC heroes illustrations. More are set to come out soon.

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