Arcaea Update 1.7 Adds New Songs as well as New Features to World Mode

Today, Arcaea version 1.7 update launches today for iOS and Android and is free for all players!

In this update, Hikari, at last sees a long-awaited continuation of her own story. In her new song pack, “Luminous Sky,” available for $5 (USD), players will experience five new difficult, thematic songs by artists such as Sakuzyo and xi.
Three additional new songs are also available for free through World Mode, the in-game
unlock system, in the newly-added Chapter 3.

New Features to World Mode include Legacy Chapters. You can now play through the first part of World Mode at an accelerated pace and use additional stamina and Fragments. New step types also launch in this update. When landing on certain steps in World Mode, the player must play a specific song. Now, several new step types will appear in new maps, such as random song steps and bonus stamina steps.

The update also allows you to expand your Friends List capacity beyond its default of 10.

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