Archipel’s Latest “toco toco” Documentary Shows AC-bu in Their Element

Archipel's Latest

If you’ve been reading our content for any period of time, or just happen to have incredible taste in web media, you’re probably familiar with Archipel. The Japan-based independent team of creators, perhaps best known for their consistently excellent “toco toco” interview series, have long remained a staple of our must-watch list. While it’d almost be expected that their April 1 upload, “toco toco – AC-bu, Animator Unit” would be a ruse, it turns out Archipel actually had planned one of their most exciting uploads to date.

For many, it was ever since the incredible Pop Team Epic anime that animation unit AC-bu first came onto their radars. Best known for their larger-than-life animation style which is often accented with the flare that only a madman could conjure, AC-bu is immediately recognizable regardless of where their work is showcased. But outside of a few live-action shots such as “Hellshake Yano”, actually seeing the genius’ at work isn’t all too common — let alone hearing what’s going on in their heads. I’d like to hope it doesn’t surprise too many, but behind their often chaotic creations is a whole lot of very legitimate genius, and by applying a number of their own core values to their work, AC-bu is able to continue to stand out from the crowd in each and every one of their works.

Honestly, I’ve always loved AC-bu’s work, but after watching this I’ve got a whole new perspective on the duo. There was always an obvious passion to all of their works, but it was difficult to tell just where that passion was coming from — so hearing it from the duo themselves certainly makes all the difference. Whether you know of them thanks to Pop Team Epic or their more recent works with musicians such as Powder, this is definitely a video you’ll want to check out.

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