Artist Spotlight: The Dynamic and Demonic Illustrations of hyow


Social media has a few serious downsides, but having the ability to stumble upon incredibly talented artists isn’t one of them. OTAQUEST is addicted to helping the masses discover lesser-known creators coming out of Japan, and we just couldn’t keep hyow all to ourselves, especially after seeing these absolutely wicked character designs.

The style is approachable and familiar, and something we could only describe as ‘devilish-kawaii.’ With a knack for designing original characters, commissions are (sadly) closed for the time being… but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate what’s out there.

The characters look as though they’re fresh off the set of a classic (and very street fashion-conscious) manga series, and the vivid use of color has been netting hyow more and more SNS attention. Foreign followers are begging for a concrete series featuring the girls, and who knows what the future holds?

While OC’s are clearly the artist’s forte, a few very familiar characters have popped up in some sketches shared on Twitter.

There’s attitude dripping from each drawing, and it’s what keeps us coming back to hyow’s pages again and again, scouring for new content. Luckily, there’s no shortage of that.

Check out hyow on Twitter and Instagram, and give a shout out for some of these badass designs. We’re hooked.

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