Assault Spy Receives Additional Updates and Gameplay Enhancements!

Assault Spy from NIS America and developed by Wazen has some more fresh updates in its Early Access phase and below is a beautiful list on what that includes. You can also check out more specific information over at the Assault Spy publisher blog post. If you’re new to Assault Spy, check the Steam announcement trailer below!

A new area titled the Executive Area opens up after completing the Back Lot stage. In this area, you will find the final boss, and even more enemies to encounter. A few new features including Redo Functionality let’s you redo gameplay from your last checkpoint. Now you’re able to nab those SSS scores in a row and skip cutscenes. Last feature added is Cleared Game! . Have you completed the game yet? Well, congrats, now you should see a little star () next to your save file. The symbol now means that you’re able to choose any level you want to replay.

STEAM Early Access for Assault Spy started last month on May 7, and the full versions release date has yet to be revealed.

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