First Color Robot Anime Astroganger to Receive Remastered BD Release in Japan With Original Pilot

First Color Robot Anime Astroganger to Receive Remastered BD Release in Japan With Original Pilot

A few months ago, Discotek added to the it Discotek Classics line-up with an SD BD release of 1972 robot anime Astroganger. This SD BD release brought all 26 episodes of the classic series over into English on a single disc for the first time in a single release, and increased exposure of an otherwise-overlooked series in the West. With the series now almost 50 years in age at this point, TC Entertainment in Japan are set to release a remastered version of Astroganger on BD featuring all 26 episodes and a few exclusive bonus features.

Astroganger is a landmark series, even if it is showing its age at this point. The first ever robot anime made in full color animation, this series holds a special place in anime history. After their home planet was destroyed by Blasters, an alien woman named Maya falls to Earth and in love with a scientist, giving birth to a boy named Kantaro. After Blasters invade the Earth, Kantaro aims to beat them by fighting with Astroganger, a robot made from living metal.

While Discotek’s release brought across all 26 episodes of the anime over in SD on a single disc, this remastered BD of Astroganger will pack a few bonus features. Included in this release will be a commentary track as well as the original 18-minute pilot animation for the series, Astroman, which wasn’t included in the Discotek release.

While even a standard-edition release of the film does wonders in preserving not just the content of the series but the memory of its existence, something particularly important with a series such as this considering its landmark status, this looks to be the ultimate release of the series with a full telecine remaster of the anime and more. This release is now available for pre-order on December 23rd from Amazon Japan.

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