Asuya Uki’s Long-Delayed ‘Cencoroll 2’ to Finally Hit Theaters After 5 Years

Cencoroll 2 existed solely as a myth for a long time. Much like Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III, many years took place between the initial production announcement and the release of the final product. The original Cencoroll was a 30 minutes short produced almost single-handedly by Atsuya Uki that came out a whole decade ago. It’s a beautifully animated short about a boy and a girl who’ve befriended a strange alien creature, a mysterious boy and the defense forces get involved, it’s a whole thing. Cencoroll 2 was announced a year later, in 2010. It’ll finally screen in theaters this summer.

Cencoroll 2 poster

Originally announced in 2010, the actual first trailer for Cencoroll 2 slated the project for a 2014 release. It never did. It’s not clear why, but shortly after Atsuya Uki got involved as the character designer for Digimon Adventure Tri; a job that kept him at least partially busy from 2015 to 2018. He also did the designs for the cult hit Tsuritama, which also involves aliens. At this point the fate of the production was unknown. The original, while stylistically unique and certainly worth a watch, had been largely forgotten. It had been years since there was any mention of the project. Until January 2019, where a relaunch was confirmed by Aniplex.

On March 20, Aniplex announced Cencoroll Connect screenings at six theaters in Japan. The screening would include both the original short and Cencoroll 2. They also announced Ryo, the brainchild between doujin music supergroup Supercell, would do the music for the new animation as he did the original. Unfortunately, the original short isn’t super easy to find. It’s not legally streaming, and while a DVD was released at one point it’s long since off the shelves. I was super lucky to catch it at the New York Anime Festival in 2009, which is why I want to let you all know about it now that it’s coming back I’m sure with the release of the sequel, both will manage to surface sooner or later.

Cencoroll Connect hits Japanese theaters on June 29. Those interested in checking out further information, be sure to visit Cencoroll’s official website.

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