Atmos x ONE PIECE Collaborative Collection Unveiled

Atmos, the Japanese sneaker store chain, has gotten up to a few interesting collaborations in the past. The last time we covered a collaboration from Atmos that actually featured an anime character was this particularly unique Doraemon sneaker made by Reebok. Now the store is teaming up with who else, One Piece, on this exclusive shirt collection. Yes, the Atmos x ONE PIECE collaboration aren’t actually shoes, maybe because for the time being Sketchers has that covered. Instead, we have a couple of simple pieces that feature the rubber pirate himself Monkey D. Luffy as well as the Atmos logo, with the O replaced with the iconic One Piece straw hat skull.

Atmos x ONE PIECE Collaborative Collection Unveiled

Out of this entire Atmos x ONE PIECE collection, the shirts that actually have Luffy on them are my favorite. It’s a classic One Piece WANTEDposter of Luffy, but he’s holding up a pretty nifty sneaker and he’s be redubbed ‘SNEAKERS KING’. Ideally, I would have wanted to see the WANTED poster printed a bit larger on these otherwise basic tees but the novelty of the image is still pretty good. Other than these shirts, there’s another pair of tees and bags that feature the Straw Hat version of the Atmos logo. Those are pretty good if you want to go with something more subtle.

Atmos x ONE PIECE Collaborative Collection Unveiled

The Atmos x ONE PIECE line isn’t the first One Piece tie-up we’ve even covered this week. In Japan, it’s the biggest of all anime and manga, so it only makes sense that any company looking to make a buck tries to get a piece of that pie. Thankfully, that’s resulted in a few neat crossovers we wouldn’t have expected, like this Cup Noodle ad we wish was its own movie. One Piece has dominated the cultural landscape for so long that I’m sure we’ll have to write another article like this one soon.

The Atmos x ONE PIECE collection is available now. The shirts retail at 5,500 yen and the bags at 3,500 yen.

Atmos / Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha / Toei Animation

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