Attack on Titan to Recieve ‘Final’ Exhibition in Roppongi

Attack on Titan to Recieve 'Final' Exhibition in Roppongi

This year will see the hugely popular Attack on Titan series come to an end. Or, at least, creator Hajime Isayama said it would, but he isn’t half taking his sweet time in bringing things to a conclusion. But in any case, publishers Kodansha are keen to give the series a big send-off, which is why they have recently announced their plans for a massive final Attack on Titan exhibition.

Set to take place at the prestigious Mori Arts Center Gallery in Roppongi, Attack on Titan Exhibition FINAL will bring together rough sketches and original manuscripts of the manga together in an all-new Attack on Titan experience. It is said that there will be more material on display than ever before, even more than the blow out 2014 exhibition that came at the height of the series’ popularity.

The exhibition is set to take place from July 5 to September 8 – rather close to the dates of the recently announced Isao Takahata exhibition and upcoming Fate 10th-anniversary exhibition, making this Summer quite a busy one.

Perhaps that, along with the fact that the series will be ending quite soon, is why ticket sales are being divided up into a series of defined dates as to give everyone the chance to come along. Priority tickets for those super fans who want to come on the first couple of days will go on sale on April 9. These tickets will have a set time and day for their usage, so presumably, you won’t be able to simply turn up and pay on the door. Regular presale tickets will then go on sale on April 19.

Both of the presale ticket types, however, are available for the first half of the exhibition’s run time, from July 8 to August 4. The second half, running from August 5 to September 8, is being opened to everyone regardless of reservation, most likely in order to maximize how many people get to see this last blowout for the series.

We don’t have much time left with Attack on Titan, so whether you’re a hardcore Levi stan or just a casual fan, if you’re in Tokyo over the Summer then definitely consider checking this one out. More information can be found via the official website.

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