Attack on Titan Launches Final Season Art Countdown, Spotlighting MAPPA’s Designs

Attack on Titan Final Season art countdown

Attack on Titan: The Final Season is undoubtedly one of the most highly-anticipated releases of the fall season. After encountering scheduling problems over at WIT Studio, the project has finally landed in the lap of Studio MAPPA, and is set to start airing on 7 December. Fans can hardly wait until they can experience the conclusion of this epic story, so the official Attack on Twitter is tiding them over with a new art countdown: counting down the days to the premiere and showcasing the talents of the production staff in the process.

The Attack on Titan: Final Season art countdown began back on 29 November with an illustration of the Warrior Candidates (above) by chief animation director Manabu Akita, declaring that there were only seven days to go until the premiere. That continued the next day, on 30 November , with 3DCG supervisor Shuuhei Habuta penning an illustration of Sasha and Connie. 1 December (today) saw another illustration of the Warrior Candidates, this time from color designer Ayako Suenaga. (both below)

Attack on Titan Final Season art countdown

Attack on Titan Final Season art countdown

What’s interesting about these Attack on Titan: Final Season countdown illustrations is that they’re some of the only glimpses we’ve seen into MAPPA’s take on the source material. So far, we’ve only received one PV (which was pre-animated) and a handful of character designs, with key characters such as Eren suspiciously absent. Once again, it appears as if MAPPA is leaving everything to the last minute. Let’s just hope that this doesn’t adversely affect the production.


Still, if these illustrations are anything to go by, then the team over at MAPPA have a strong grip on the look of the series. As has been pointed out many times, these character designs are much closer to that of the original manga with less prominent outlines. This is because Kyoji Asano has been replaced with Tomohiro Kishi as character designer. Plus, it makes sense to focus on the Warrior Candidates ahead of the others, as they are some of the most important new characters for this season.

Regardless of how Attack on Titan: Final Season turns out, you can follow the illustration art countdown via the anime’s official Twitter account.

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