Attack the Music Release Happy Kuru Kuru’s 1st Digital Album

When it comes to Tokyo-based idol duo Happy Kuru Kuru, there’s seemingly nothing they can do wrong. From their comprehensive ability to turn an ordinary moment into a hyperactive dreamscape, all the way to their in-your-face visual aesthetic, they’re the embodiment of Japan’s emerging underground idol scene. That’s why when news broke that Los Angeles-based netlabel Attack the Music would be distributing their first digital album internationally, I couldn’t be more excited.


If you’re yet to hear any of the tracks on Happy Kuru Kuru’s self-titled digital album, you’re absolutely missing out. From the high-paced rhythm of “Magical Girl,” all the way to the hard-hitting “Kuru Kuru Fantasy,” the release screams perfection all over. With each of the group’s tracks produced by fellow Tokyo-based musician Yunomi, while also featuring artwork by the incredible Kiato, Happy Kuru Kuru really does feel like the everything I truly enjoy wrapped into one incredible package.

Getting their start in the underground idol scene just two years ago in 2016, it’s exciting to see the rapid growth of the duo. I’ve been a long time fan of both Yunomi and Kiato’s works, and to see that they were once again working together with the Happy Kuro Kuro duo was welcome news to my ears. It’ll be exciting to see what the future brings for both Happy Kuru Kuru and Attack the Music, and we can’t wait to see where they go from here.

If you’re interested in picking up a digital copy of the album, “Happy Kuru Kuru” is available via Attack the Music’s official Bandcamp. Further information on the group can be found via their official website.

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