Attractions Drops Latest Nostalgia-Fueled Single ‘Satisfaction’

Attractions Drops The Nostalgic and Funky 'Satisfaction'

Attractions are a young quintet largely influenced by 00s brit-pop of all things and they’ve been slowly but steadily picking up steam for the past couple years. Coming out of Fukuoka, not typically known for being one of the pop culture capitals of Japan, they’re definitely bringing something different to the table. They’ve played shows with one of our favorites Yahyel and even got to play at SXSW in the States last year.  In 2017 they dropped their self-titled ep ‘Attractions’ and now they’ve come back with their first major single release, ‘Satisfaction’. Funky grooves, VHS filters, and wacky vibes; check out the video below.

Even Japan’s been caught up in the now worldwide wave of 80s nostalgia. I’m guessing it’s unintentional but the video for ‘Satisfaction’ hits similar notes to this Sakanaction joint from a couple of weeks ago. That said, the video’s a delightful little dream. It looks like it was filmed with actual VHS cameras, with some additional digital edits thrown in for detail, which definitely gives the visuals a retro vibe that fits with the song itself. Attractions are coming to bat with pure cheese and honestly I really dig it. They even have a guy doing the robot, what’s not to like?

Of course, the video wouldn’t be worth a spit if the song wasn’t a winner. Its a funky little nod to 80s pop with a big cheesy synth kicking around the whole track. The guitar shines bright and the vocals have just that right amount of reverb to give them a texture that melds well with the colorful madness of the instrumental. One bit I really like are the piercing guitar sounds on the chorus that breaks through the funk-haze like a ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds. The whole thing’s appropriately catchy and is definitely appropriate for summer jam season.

The official single for ‘Satisfaction’ by Attractions is out now.

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