Animator BAHI JD to Host “MOMENT” Exhibition in Shinjuku

Animator BAHI JD to Host

Within the rich world of animation, there are few artists I’ve had my eyes on closer than BAHI JD. Born in Austria in 1991, the now 28-year-old animator celebrates an extremely decorated career. From his early days learning how to animate via various web forums to now working on numerous large scale projects such as PROMARE and Carole & Tuesday, it really does seem like there’s nothing BAHI JD can’t achieve. In just 10 years BAHI JD has done work with some of the industries most prestigious studios, including Production I.G., Studio Bones, TRIGGER, Madhouse, Studio 4°C, and so many others. Yet as an animator, BAHI JD remains ambitious — constantly pushing the envelope, you’ll find his originals in more fields than just anime; which is where his latest project comes into play. From June 21 until July 3 BAHI JD will be playing host to his own exhibition, aptly titled “MOMENT”, which is to be hosted at Shinjuku Ganka Gallery.

With the MOMENT exhibition, those in attendance can look forward to several rooms worth of content that utilize animation, illustration, oil painting, sketches, and more. BAHI JD describes the exhibition below:

It’s fun to engage into the moment and just draw without thinking too much, just following the instinct and feeling at that quick moment.

A sudden idea, a quick brush stroke, a movement, a feeling, captured in a moment.

This exhibition consists of illustrations, oil Paintings, sketches and animation works.

Taking place from June 21 until July 3, this two-week exhibition is definitely not something you’ll want to miss. With an ever-developing roster of massively impressive works from BAHI JD, I really can’t wait to see what’s next, all while enjoying his rich history through this exhibition. Those interested in checking out further information, be sure to visit Shinjuku Ganka Gallery’s official website.

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