BAIT x Cowboy Bebop Collection Is Perfect Bounty Hunter Streetwear

BAIT x Anime Cowboy Bebop Fashion Collection

It’s hard to think of many anime institutions more significant than Cowboy Bebop, especially regarding western fandom. While the ‘Cowboy Bebop isn’t popular in Japan’ line you would always hear touted is something of a myth, there’s no denying how ubiquitous the series has remained over the years. And this new Cowboy Bebop collection is going to keep the hype steady.

With that Netflix live-action adaptation coming out eventually, it’s not going away soon, despite the fact that its latest offering is almost 20 years old now.  It makes perfect sense for BAIT, a California-based brand whose done work with PUNK DRUNKERS, Gundam, and Astro Boy of all things, to try their hand at adapting Spike & Co to streetwear.

Articles from the BAIT x Anime Cowboy Bebop Fashion Collection

BAIT’s whipped up an entire closet’s worth of designs coming in T-shirt, long sleeve, and sweatshirt permutations. Whether you want a piece that features the whole Bebop crew loud and proud, or perhaps the more muted solitary Spike design better suits your tastes, you can find something to like here.

The pricing is pretty standard for most streetwear brands: prices start at $55 for the T-shirts, $65 for the long sleeves, and then they jump to $145 for the hoodies.

Articles from the BAIT x Anime Cowboy Bebop Fashion Collection

It’s rather amazing how much Cowboy Bebop can coast of its initial 26 episodes alone. Even Evangelion eventually released (and is still releasing) technically, new movies that helped keep its name in the conversation. We doubt this collection from BAIT will be the last time we see this quintessential anime turned into streetwear, but we do particularly like it. The brand’s gone for some unconventional picks and collabs in the past that have worked well in their favor, and we’re excited to see what they decide to tap next.

You can find more information on the new Bait x Cowboy Bebop fashion collection here.

BAIT / Sunrise
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