Fitness Boxing and Baki Join Forces for ‘1 Million Punches’ Campaign

Fitness Boxing and Baki Join Forces for ‘1 Million Punches’ Campaign

I’ve been getting back into Fitness Boxing on the Switch recently, partially out of boredom and partially as a way of keeping fit. Playing it portably with a TV show or a movie on the background is pretty fun. The game was a surprise hit, particularly in Japan, where twitter success stories led to a shortage of copies of the game for weeks. In order to draw players back to the game, an unlikely but natural pairing between the anime Baki and Fitness Boxing has been formed to encourage people to punch their way towards unique prizes.

Baki’s martial arts core and hyper-muscled characters make it a perfect match for the fist-pumping trainers in Fitness Boxing, and the artwork to celebrate this collaboration shows this off perfectly. The defined muscles on the trainers would make them fit right at home as new characters for the series. Making the male trainer topless only adds to this.

The campaign is being done to encourage people back to the game that may have lapsed. Players are encouraged to do a fitness regime and share it on twitter with the hashtag #バキフィットボクシング100万発パンチ (Baki x Fitness Boxing 1 Million Punches). Depending on how many punches are performed in Fitness Boxing and shared on Twitter, the prizes will increase, starting from towels and stickers at 10,000 punches all the way to Joy-Con giveaways and, if it reaches 1 million, the chance to win a poster of the collaborative art signed by Nobunaga Shimazaki, the voice actor for Baki.

I have to admit, this is a cool campaign, and a good way to bring players not the game if they’re fans of the anime or to make them return to the game after a long absence. At the same time, with such a cool visual, wouldn’t it be great if you could get in-game outfits for the trainers that matched these visuals in art style as well as clothing? Players already have the ability to customize their in-game trainers, so it wouldn’t be unusual either.

Still, the visual is great, so it’s hard to complain. Full details on the campaign and prizes can be found on the official website.

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